Library Expansion


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The Friends of Lawton Memorial Library recognizes the need for the expansion of the library building in order to serve the community. Over the last twenty years, new media have been added, services have increased, and circulation has dramatically risen along with increased patronage.

A plan has been developed to meet the evolving needs of the library. The specifics of the plan will be introduced by the Friends. We value your input.

We know this is a challenging venture that will take many years.  We hope we can count on your support and guidance – they are vital to our success.

Opportunities will exist for recognition for all giving levels.



When it was built in 1990, it was a huge improvement from its predecessor – a tiny dark storefront. Since then, many new media and services have been added. More people are using the library and circulation increased to over 21,000 in 2010. The existing building is not adequate for the increased needs.

No longer is the library printed books alone. Today it offers large-print editions, CD audio books, and videos on DVDs. These popular media require display and storage space. With facilities at a bursting point, there is too little space for an adequate browsing collection in several popular areas.

The library has become the community center for internet use. Whether filling out tax forms online, researching a school assignment, or looking for employment, the library’s computers have become increasingly popular and more are needed to meet needs. All this requires space.

The library has also become a place where friends, colleagues, and groups meet, such as Page Turners book club, Children’s Storytime, Media Study and Discussion Group, and the writers’ group. Also, educational and entertaining programs are often held at the library.

To meet these needs, we hope you will join the Friends of Lawton Memorial Library in its goal to EXPAND THE LIBRARY.



Beginning in 2008 a focus group of local community members defined goals for the library – number one was “expanding physical space.” A 2010 assessment by Winding Rivers Library System indicated that our library needed to address building needs, and a survey by them recommended double the current space. An expansion plan was developed based on input from the library board, focus group, library staff and volunteers, and Friends of Lawton Memorial Library.

Cameron Aslaksen Architects of Reedsburg provided preliminary drawings of the expansion and remodel.



  • The addition will add 2200 sq. feet and include space for:
  •  Additional public computer stations
  •  Reading and study areas
  •  Young adult area
  •  Office / workroom / storage
  •  Additional shelving for DVDs, audio books, and large print, as well as the regular collection and children’s sections.


The expansion and remodeling of Lawton Memorial Library will be approximately $600,000



The expansion plan is supported by Friends of Lawton Memorial Library, and the Lawton Memorial Library Board. Now we need your support.